In the early 1800s sewer pipes installed in business and residential properties had names like orange burge, terra cotta, and cast iron. These pipes were made of porous materials such as , wood pup, coal tar, clay and cast iron . Therefore, we learned over time  these type of pipes will start to break down .These material have been known to be vulnerable to root invasion , and corrosion. Possibly cause joint failure that could lead to sagging in sewer line. Ultimately causing major issue with the sewer back up. 

In modern plumbing  a material has been manufactured to be resistance to environmental degradation, and is therefore, resistant to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, and abrasion. The pipe came out in the USA in late 60s to early 70s. Its better know as PVC. The Polyvinyl chloride piping improves functionality and increases energy efficiency. Plastic piping is the most effective material in removing waste from homes and business.

Having the knowledge of the material used by builders in our homes. Can only help us be more prepare and aware of issue that may come. Even with the most modern material, proper maintenance of the sewer line will help in preserving well functioning lines. Also being aware of not planting trees and shrubs close to the sewer line. If the sewer lines are not properly maintained this could potentially develop an issue. Having a plumber come out and inspect annually, would be the most effective way of keeping a good check up.