Diagram Of The Flow Of Water In A Toilet

A topic came up at work today about if there’s a difference between commodes. Some would say that there’s really not, but others would argue that point with you. So that made me start thinking. What really sets these commodes apart? So I decided to ask the guys to give me their opinion.

It seems that one of the most significant differences is the flush. So I listened to the guys describe all the different types of flushes. This was comical and would have made anyone laugh. I thought maybe I needed to do some more research. One of the ways described to me was a weak apologetic excuse for a flush. This was for your standard commode. This told me how mediocre standard gravity flushing was. Then they went on describing the “Bah woosh” and how this could handle anything.

After researching commodes, I came up with Champion 4. This bad boy has a 4″ flush valve meaning it’s able to flush masses 70% larger than it’s competition. This flush is for the hearty man.

Then there’s the ToTo with a double cyclone flush system. This makes an extremely power flush. I would say this is for the more complex individual. Now, this is one way to empty out your can quickly. These two commodes would be considered Gravity flush on steroid. This is not a flush system for the conservative but does stay in the regulatory guidelines.

So happy searching for the perfect golden thorn.

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