It is a fact that clean drinking water is an absolutely necessity to maintain our quality of life. We are fortunate to live in a country that has some of the safest drinking water. With EPA strict regulation requirements, and innovation of new methods to insure protection of our clean water source the question would be what else can we do?

In the plumbing industry, one method to sustain quality water, is to install a backflow preventer when required. As a result, of installing, maintenance, and testing of backflow. It is required to have them tested annual to insure  assemblies in proper working order.

So, what is backflow preventer? How does it help with maintaining clean water? Backflow assemblies are valve with moving parts. Backflows are installed  on our main line water source. This device is used to stop potable water from getting into clean water source, and the assembly helps prevent cross contamination with our clean water.