Wow, I’m excited to talk about the new plumbing fixture that are available to us now . Talk about technology that has come along way. Are you in to bold, and unique, or traditional, and classic. To be truly honest, it doesn’t matter, there so many types, and styles now. We have enough space to go over all the cool stuff.

Lets start with smart efficient touch less faucet, and toilets. These fixtures come in several different brands names, and designs. Not only are they a little more sanitary, but also save on water and money. So, are you impressed yet, because we are just getting started!

How about this product, a heated toilet seat with a built in bidet with touch screen to control every feature. Sure, maybe your thinking, bet these items come with a pretty price tag, But believe it or not, the prices are very diverse. So don’t think you cant ever afford innovation. Research is key to finding the right product with the best price.

Happy Searching!