plumberGet the new innovation in plumbing. Protected your home with the smart Water monitor. This is the latest device to monitor all cold water going in to your home. You can control it with an App on your phone. These devices are installed on your in coming water line. It monitors temperature, pressure and flow of  your water.

These devices is truly brilliant. Not only will it save you money in the long run, it can give you a little piece of mind, knowing when you have a small leak, or if it’s something catastrophic. You’ll be notified on your App.

These device also make us more aware of our home’s water consumption. You know they say that your average household uses 400 gal of water per day. So can you image how many gallons of water would be used if you had a leak you didn’t know about. So we know early leak detection means big savings all the way around.

At Rolland Reash Plumbing we are try to be proactive for our Community. We are try get knowledge of these products out there, Letting our consumers  know that such products exist. As your local plumber we are really trying do our part.

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