Slab Leak inside a house

Are you having water showing up in your house? But your not sure where its coming from. Well its a good possibly you have a slab leak. A slab leak is when the plumbing system fails under your foundation, and one of the reasons this happens is the minerals in our water found here in Florida. The hard water over time tends to breakdown the material, causing the pipes to crack or get pin holes in them allowing water to leak out.

You are able to repair a slab leak but maybe you should just re-pipe your house. This is a necessary repair due to could cause major damage and molded issues in the future, if not taking care of in one fashion or another.

 If you decided to do the slab leak repair, you’ll need plumber to come out and add pressure to the water line to help in finding the leak. This is not and exact finding, due to fact water travels. Then the jackhammer will be needed to break up the floor the find the water line and trace down the location of leak.Then the leak is repaired. You’ll also need to be prepare to experiencing the same type of repairs in the near future, because of the materials breakdown and aging of the pipes.

Your second option is re-piping – having the water line rerouted in your home. If you have an off grade home, they will just replace the old pipes with the new material. Now if your home is on a slab usually they will reroute the line through the attic replacing the old.

Having a re-pipe done will increase the initial cost, but there usually a warranty for at least five years to insure no more money out of pocket for this issue.  Slab leak repairs can start as little $550, but it can run as high $5,000 dollars. but does not includes cosmetic repairs such as flooring and drywall repairs in your home, nor does it have a warranty. Re-piping starts at $2,700 and can run up to $15,000 or more due to the size of the home.

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