PVC Pipe Fittings Rolland Reash PlumbingLot’s of customers do not under stand the difference between the fittings. DWV fitting are use on drain line through out you house. Pressure fitting are used on pressured water line for a business. DWV drainage pipe is used for drain, waste and vent or DWV the first letter in each word. Both fittings are made of PVC they can be Schedule 20, 40 or 80 witch is the thickness of the fitting the higher number means the stronger the fitting. DWV fitting are designed to move waste water from your commode, tub, sink  or other fixtures in your home or business called gray water or sewer line. Pressure fitting are design to supply water from the meter of your home or business through the yard. PVC pressure fitting have a max operating pressure of 180 psi. PVC pressure fitting are not to be used in your Home or business they must be used outside in the yard. PVC fitting are also used on AC condensate drain lines. Using DWV drainage fitting you will have less stoppages in your system and if you do have a stoppage it is easier to unstop.

PVC plastic fitting do not corroded or our damage by everyday waste that is put in to your drainage system. Both fitting can be connected to copper and cast iron with out corrosion.

Both PVC fitting are put together with glue. DWV fittings are glue together with primer then clear glue before then onto the pipe. PVC pressure fitting can be glue together with primer and clear glue and Blue glue then glued on to pipe.Both PVC pressure and DWV fitting and glue joint have low melting point. Hot scalding water or boiled water will melt the fitting and break down the glue joints. Both PVC fitting if are melted from fire will emit toxic fumes when melting or burning.

I would suggest you use PVC fitting in you home or business. PVC fitting are faster and quicker to use. The cost is cheaper and it will last longer.

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