Water Heater Models Lets talk about doing our part as being plumber. We already know living in Florida during the months of June through August the consumption of electricity is much higher than the rest of the year.

As a consumer learning where your able to cut the cost on utility surely helps. One of the ways that can help is energy star appliances. These appliance are energy efficient will cutting the electricity consumption down. So take your time and do your research and educate yourself.

Here at Rolland Reash Plumbing we are aware of these issue that we face being an Floridian. So we have chosen to install A O Smith water heater. They are energy star appliance, A O Smith is a company that been around along time.

In fact they are one of the oldest manufacturing companies. They have come out with some of the most advance technology designs to help be more energy efficient. There is one unit in particular that we have found innovative, The Vortex hybrid.

This unit will pay for it self over time, with cutting the annual operation cost in half. This unit exacting the warmth from the surrounding air and concentrating the heat and transferring into the water. I actually have one of these hybrid unit in my own home.

It save me about 30 to 40 dollars a month on my electric bill, and we all love save money, and saving the world at same time. We surely hope that our experience and knowledge in plumbing helps with saving you money.

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