Water Softener Companies Jacksonville Fl

Water Softener Companies Jacksonville Fl

A lot of people have hard water problems, yet only a handful of them know what to do to fix them. What’s worse, even fewer people realize how dangerous hard water is, not just to your home, but to your body as well. The team at Rolland Reash Plumbing considers hard water one of the most hazardous substances humans use to ingest, not because it affects them, but because the side-effects will only become evident with time.

Water softener companies in Jacksonville Fl are leading a sustained war against hard water and lead a constant campaign to inform people on its perils. Hard water functions much like a poison, delivering high contents of iron, magnesium, calcium, chlorides or sulfates, among other ingredients and it can trigger a wide range of health problems, including heart problems and even cancer in the long run.

But how can you know if you have hard water? Several signs could lead you to think you have a problem at hand:

  1. The taste

You should be worried when your drinking water has an unusual taste. A metallic aroma may indicate more significant concentrations of iron, while something resembling rotten eggs can be a clear indicator of sulfates. Whatever the cause, any out-of-the-charts taste should raise an alarm signal.

  1. Specific stains and traces

These will generally occur on anything made out of porcelain or metal, on any surfaces, everywhere. They are easy to recognize and if you want to detect them sooner, look inside the toilet bowl, in the sink or on the bathtub’s inner walls. That should be enough for you to decide you need the services of water softener companies in Jacksonville Fl.

  1. Soap scum won’t go away

It is a common side effect of using hard water and one that most people don’t even seem to notice. The chemicals in the soap don’t mix well with the minerals present in the hard water, leading to that scum that coats your shower curtains, your bathtub walls, and even the bathroom walls. The worst part is that the substance may prove to be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria, which means it needs to go.

  1. Affects your skin and clothes

This all comes down to soap again, and the inability to wash it off your body entirely. The remaining soap will dry out and begin to irritate the skin as a consequence. It may become a pretty unpleasant situation pretty fast. The same happens with your clothing, which you will find somewhat difficult to clean.

As a bottom line, hard water is a sign of problems to come, including ones of medical nature, since it may end up affecting your health altogether. The best way of dealing with it is to resort to the services of water softener companies in Jacksonville Fl, like Rolland Reash Plumbing, whose technologies represent the peak of the industry. High-quality water softeners will remediate the problem with the help of lime softening or ion-exchange technologies, which deliver fast and effective results.

Water Softener Companies Jacksonville Fl

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